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    • Product name: The rock wool trapeziform strip cutting machine
    • Product Number: 1-3-017

    The rock wool trapeziform strip cutting machine
    When make the roof panel , the trapeziform rockwool strip is cut on trapeziform strip cutting machine and feed on the groove of sheet by manual.
    1)Total power: about 6Kw
    2)This machine could slit the rock wool slab which is 1200mm*600mm(length *width),30-50mm thickness. Its density is 100-150kg/m3.
    3)There is only one specification of cutting on this machine. Specification could be decided according to customer’s demand.
    4)The saw knife is Ф305-500.The circle speed is about 1400 turn/min.
    5)The rock wool slab will feed into the machine by roller. The max speed is about 3.5m/min, speed could be adjusted.
    6)Processing area is closed and sealed. There is 4 dust outlets with diameter 150mm is kept on machine.

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