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    • Product name: Rockwool,mineral wool,glasswool slitter machine
    • Product Number: 1-3-018

    Rock wool slitter machine 
    1)Total power: about 10Kw
    2)This machine could slit the rock wool slab which is 1200mm*1200mm(length *width),50-100mm thickness. Its density is 100-150kg/m3.
    3)The dimension of the machine is about 4366*1600*1575(mm).The height of working desk is about 0.8m.
    4)This machine could slit the rock wool slab to strip which width is 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm .
    5)The saw knife is Ф355.The circle speed is about 1230 turn/min.
    6)There are 4 saw cassettes (B50,B100,B150,B200) as the attachment photo showing. The worker needs to change the saw cassettes according to slitting width.
    7)The rock wool slab will feed into the machine by roller. The speed is about 2.5m/min.
    8)There is lift device which could press the slab and be up and down according to the thickness of rock wool slab.

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