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      • Description  >>?PRL-6-PUM?type?PIR/PUR, Rockwool and EPS foam Sandwich Panel Product Line?The composing of product line:???????????????
      • Description  >> PRL-6-UD Type?Rock wool,Mineral wool, Glasswool and EPS foam Sandwich Panel Product Line?The composing of product line:1.Uncoiler2.Mineral wool slab feeding line3.Roll forming machine4.Milling mineral wool system5.Scraping glue6.Double belt pressing7.Band saw8.Stacking machine9.Packing machine???????????????
      • Description  EPS and rockwool /mineral wool /glasswool sandwich panel line PRL-6-SAwith stacking machine,packing machine?NO.Composing of product line:組成Части линииAmount數目Количество1Uncoiler (passive)開卷機.被動開卷Разматыватель (пассивный)32Steel sheet transverse cutting device, steel sheet surface PVC film covering device鋼板覆膜,橫切斷裝置Ножницы для обрезкистального листа, устройство для покрытия защитной PVCпленки.33Roll forming machine 壓型機Профилирующая машина34Heating device 加熱裝置Нагревательное устройство 15PU? Liquid glue mixing and scraping device for foaming 聚氨酯2組分膠混合涂刷裝置Устройство смешивания и нанесения двухкомпонентного полиуретанного клея2?6Mainframe-Laminating press and sandwich panel? agglutinating and maturing in the? machine( Rubber roller structure)層壓機Главный пресс (с резиновыми роликами)17Sandwich panel automatically cutter-band saw.帶鋸切割機Режущее устройство для сэндвич-панели (Ленточная пила)18Stacking and Packinging machine( 4 face type)堆垛機和包裝機Укладчик Упаковочный узел (упаковка с 4-х сторон)19Electric control system電氣控制系統Электрическая система управления110rockwoolslittermachine巖棉切割機Устройство для нарезки ламелей минеральной ваты111The rock wool trapeziform strip cutting machine 梯形棉切割機Устройство для резки минеральной ваты на трапециевидные ламели12?Production Cycle:??? 120 workdaysЦикл изготовления линии: 120 рабочих дней??lPrimary technology parameters of PRL-6-SA sandwich panel product line: 設備技術參數:Основные технологические параметры производственной линии PRL-6-SAдля сэндвич-панелей:lSpeed of product line: 0 - 6m/min( frequency conversion to adjust speed). 生產線傳動速度:0 - 6m/min,變頻調速.Скорость производственной линии: 0 - 6м/мин. (изменение частоты длярегулировки скорости)lThe dimension the product line: about 70m*14m*6.5m生產線尺寸:70m*14m*6.5mГабариты производственной линии: около 70м*14м*6.5м lTotal power of the product line: about? 100 KW?? 總功率:100kwОбщая мощность линии: около 100 КВт.lTotal weight is about 60 ton總重量:約60噸Общий вес: около 60 тонlThe transport The product line need 9 40’? container to transport.運輸:用9個40英尺集裝箱.Транспортировка:Требуется девять сорокафутовых контейнеров для транспортировки.
      • Description  Uncoiler or DecoilerIt is Automatic and hydraulic, can be used to uncoil steel coil which is maximal 1300mm’s wide, no more than 12?ton’s?weighty?and?steel coiler’s inner?diameter?is about 500 or 600mmUn-coiler and coiler car for steel sheetThe Hydraulic De-coiler?is?used to hold and drive the steel coil that is being fed into the roll forming machine.?The de-coiler allows for a?quick?change of steel coli with minimal manual labor.?The de-coiler is powered with a feedback system that ensures the roll former is not required to turn the coil.?The de-coiler will turn as required to reduce thepotential?for over coiling.Maximum?coil mass: 12,000 kgNominal coil ID: 500mm supplied with addition spaces to use 600mm?above???Maximum?coil OD: 1300mmMaximum?coil width: 1300mm ?Machine consists of the following major items:l?Machine framel?Overhung shaft with roller bearingl?Drive motor and chainl?Hydraulic power pack (shared power pack on top /bottom?coil)l?Hydraulic cylinder of expansion/retractionl?Solenoid valvesl?Electrical control systeml?Limit system to allow positioning of de-coiler for different feed positions.?Manual positioning with position indicator.l?Coiler Car-Powered loading bed to aid?in loading?to?the?de-coiler.??

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